About Narusec

We are an experienced team of technology professionals. We started researching and testing internet and networks security first in order to protect our personal data in a time when the digital threats and vulnerabilities were increasing geometrically. Since then, we have established expertise in network protection and security, with proven track record in penetration testing, security consulting and awareness.

NaruSec was founded in late 2018, as a network security company focused on both eliminating the existing vulnerabilities of a network and shielding it against future ones. In NaruSec we believe that a network is as safe and reliable as its users and therefore, we focus not only in the technical aspect of security but on the human component as well. We raise awareness of your users resulting in a more resilient to outside attacks network, reducing operating costs and manage risk, that can cause security breaches. We have created a highly competitive product providing an array of different services for each business to select the most suitable one.

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